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Areas of Practice

B & C specializes in a wide variety of both domestic and international commercial work, offering a high level of legal services to its clients worldwide. The firm’s client base includes large industrial and commercial sector corporations and private individuals.
Since the early 1980s the firm has advised foreign clients who wish to establish businesses in Greece. The firm has an extensive foreign clientele mainly based in the European Union and Asia that has either established business in Greece or requires legal advice on a wide range of legal subjects relating to doing business with a Greek partner.We  also have a unique knowledge in doing business in China and work closely with Greek and Chinese firms and individuals in this field.
B & C’s domestic clientele, on the other hand, is equally strong with representative clients from the industrial sector, commercial and private individuals.
The main work done by the firm relates to corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, franchising, illegal competition, European law, International business contracts, industrial and intellectual property protection, Real Estate acquisition and Residence permits.
The firm’s Real Estate and Residence permit sector is particularly active offering our clients a full range of services; our team comprises the best of all required professionals such as real estate agents, notaries, tax experts, translators etc.   
As for our intellectual property expertise it includes trademark, patent and copyright law both in Greece and Europe as we are one of the few Greek firms recognized as European Patent Attorneys by the relevant European Organization.
Last but not least we are engaged in the Arbitration and Mediation field, both partners being accredited to act either as Arbitrator (Dimitri Costakis) or as Mediator (Aphrodite Bletas).

Law Office

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